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Stainex gas cylinder trolley stand, also known as an LPG cylinder trolley, is a specialized stand or cart designed to hold and transport LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinders conveniently. It provides stability, mobility, and safety during the movement and storage of gas cylinders. Sturdy Construction: Trolley gas trolley stands are built with strong and durable materials such as high alloy steel they can withstand the weight of the gas cylinder and provide long-lasting use. Cylinder Resting Platform: The trolley stand has a platform or cradle where the gas cylinder rests securely. This platform is designed to accommodate the size and shape of the cylinder, providing stability and preventing it from rolling or falling off the trolley. Wheels or Casters: Most trolley gas trolley stands are equipped with wheels or casters that allow for easy mobility. These wheels are typically made of rubber or other durable materials and may have a locking mechanism to keep the trolley stationary when desired. Safety Features: Some trolley gas trolley stands may include additional safety features such as straps or clips to secure the gas cylinder firmly in place during transportation.

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Stainless Steel

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Gas cylinder trolley

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2 cylinder trolley

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